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4G12 Projects

The following list of projects are currently available to Undergraduate Students in McMaster's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Project availability may change, we encourage you to contact your lab of interest as soon as possible.

To apply to a position, please send your CV, transcript and cover letter to the email listed in the project description. Once you have received approval from a principal investigator, please complete the following form:

Synthesis of Analogues of the Natural Product Pramanicin for Structure-Activity Relationships 

Biomimetic Synthesis of Natural Products

Biosynthesis of Natural Products 

Water Quality Sensors 

Multivalent/Multispecific Immune Recruiter Technology Development Towards new Tumor and Viral Immunotherapeutics 

Molecular pharmacology of alpha-Synuclein 

Enzymatic production of polyglycerophosphatides 

Supramolecular Main-Group Chemistry

Ion Dynamics in Materials for Energy Storage by Magnetic Resonance 

Machine Learning as an Alternative to Traditional Chemical Computation 

Chemical Concepts from Quantum Mechanics

Increasing Immune Response to Cancer Cells: A Computational Approach

Thermoelectric Materials 

A. Soft materials that compute with light

B. Bio-inspired optics: multifunctional slim polymer films embedded with 3-D waveguide architectures

C. Single-step 3-D printing with nonlinear waves

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